Safety in Your Home

We want to make sure your home remains in a good state of repair. To report a repair please phone us on 0191 691 4137, email or call into our office. You should tell us quickly about repairs that need doing, especially where a problem may be a danger to yourself or others.


If you smell gas call the Northern Gas Network on 0800 111 999.

Under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, Back on the Map has a legal responsibility to make sure your gas appliances are safe. If you have a gas meter in your home, whether or not it has a gas appliance connected (e.g. a gas boiler or cooker), we will make an appointment on or before the date of the last gas service. 

Your Tenancy Agreement clearly states you must allow us in your home to carry out this work. Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken against you. We will write to you to tell you when we will be coming out to carry out these checks. Please make sure you allow us access.

Carbon Monoxide

Worried about a gas leak? Call the Northern Gas Network on 0800 111 999.

The flame on your boiler should always burn blue. If it’s yellow or orange, it could mean that you’ve got a carbon monoxide leak.

You can’t see, smell or taste carbon monoxide so it’s very hard to detect. Symptoms of CO poisoning include headaches, nausea and vomiting, and in extreme cases, blackouts and convulsions.


To report a fire in an emergency call 999.

We will fit a smoke alarm in your home and it is your responsibility to check your smoke alarm weekly. If your smoke alarm is battery powered – never remove the batteries. Make sure all exits are clear and avoid accumulating items in hallways and near doors.

Electrical Testing

We will test your electrical installation e.g. wiring before you move into your home to make sure it is safe. It is your responsibility to make sure that your own electrical equipment is safe and in good working order. 

We have a legal responsibility to periodically test the electrical installation in your home to make sure you and your household are safe from electrical hazards. We will notify you when we need to do this inspection. 

Failure to allow access to your home to carry out electrical testing may result in legal action being taken against you. Please ensure safe use of electrical items in your home at all times, e.g. do not overload extension leads or use electrical equipment near water.


To keep your home’s water supply clean and healthy we advise that you to follow these simple steps each week:

  • Run all your taps for three to five minutes
  • Run your shower for three to five minutes
  • Flush the toilet twice with the lid down to ensure fresh water is circulated through the system and that the cistern is regularly emptied


Condensation which occurs in your home is caused by warm vapour-laden air meeting a cold surface. When the air cools it cannot retain the moisture and some of it condenses on these cold surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and tiled walls.

The following tips can be used to minimise condensation: 

  • Keep all rooms warm and ventilated
  • Keep the internal kitchen door closed and window open when cooking
  • Keep the bathroom door closed and the window ajar when bathing or showering. Alternatively open the window immediately afterwards.
  • If installed use an electric extractor fan when cooking, washing or bathing, particularly when windows show signs of misting. Keep windows and doors closed when the fan is in operation. Leave the fan on until the mist has cleared. This is especially important where extractor fans have been installed.

Report a Repair

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