“I enjoy seeing what goes on and the activities on offer in the centre – it is quite an incredible set up, with lots going on. It is a major part of life in Hendon.”

– Carnegie Community Corner Service User

Case Studies

“If Back on the Map can’t help you, no-one will.”

Since moving to the area in 2014 L has been a regular user of Back on the Map,

initially attending the kids club as a single parent when her son was small. She now calls in regularly to the Carnegie Community Corner to keep in touch with staff and when she needs advice. L was recently made redundant and has found Back on the Map to be really helpful in signposting her to help and advice, in using the Net Zone, for help in filling in forms and for someone to talk to. She said she always recommends Back on the Map to local people, especially those new to the area. She commented to staff “If Back on the Map can’t help you, no-one will.”

"BotM is a good place to come for support."

P has lived in Hendon for many years and has been a Back on the Map tenant for 5 years.

He praised Back on the Map for being a good landlord and is very happy with the standard of his accommodation. He is able to visit the BotM Homes office whenever he needs to for Housing advice and support as well as accessing Carnegie Community Corner at least three times per week to use the Net Zone to carry out his job searches with support from the Community Team. P believes that BotM is a good place to come for support. He recently made a Universal Credit application, which he was supported in doing by BotM staff as he has dyslexia. P has required a lot of support from BotM staff and IT Buddies to cope with the impact of Universal Credit and to help sort out his payments. He was adversely affected due to a ‘human error’ at DWP when his direct payments were stopped and monies for his rent were mistakenly paid direct to him. P came straight to BotM staff for support who escalated the issue to DWP, who in turn rectified the mistake.

“Relaxing and rewarding.”

M lives locally, has been unemployed for some time and was feeling socially isolated and lacked confidence.

She was encouraged by BotM staff to attend the Social Art Group at Carnegie Community Corner and is now a regular attender. She enjoys the group, found that it has given her more confidence in herself and has helped her to talk and mix with people again reducing her feelings of isolation. M enjoys the class, finding it relaxing and rewarding. It has been something new and challenging for her to do. She gets on well with everyone, it is near her home and easy for her to get to and is good value. It has picked up her mood and her confidence has improved. Her husband has recently started to attend the class too.

"The staff are most helpful and approachable."

I began frequenting Back on the Map to use the library and the internet.

I have donated books and DVDs to the library and borrowed some. I have also frequented the Cinema Club. I’ve found the centre helpful for all of the above. The staff are most helpful and approachable. I can’t say enough in stating Back on the Map’s positive impact on my prospects. I’ve also noticed how much benefit it has given many other people. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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