Resident Led

Resident Led is Our Golden Thread

Resident Led is our Golden Thread

Improving housing and delivering community services are just part of the vision and, while already having a hugely positive impact, the Back on the Map team knows it was the people themselves who will build back Hendon.

Residents have always made clear that they wish to do more to shape their own community and support each-other, and Back on the Map has always worked to harness this, to build connected communities where people feel a strong sense of ownership and pride.

Residents involvement is the golden thread of Back on the Map. In fact, they live and breathe it. Many of the people who tap into the support actually go on to volunteering their time to give something back to Hendon.

Every part of the support Back on the Map provide in Sunderland is geared towards supporting residents to develop services, activities and opportunities that they say they need. Such has been the level of engagement that the Charity is looking to create a dedicated Volunteer lead role and strengthening it’s volunteer offer. Through residents actively engaging in volunteering, they grow their impact and reach, creating a Local Voice for residents.

Listening to resident concerns and acting on them 

The priorities they Back on the Map has focused on over the last 10 years are a direct response to the challenges that people in Hendon face. Back on the Map understand the issues, and where they can effect change, they do. Residents said that they wanted to see empty homes in use. They brought properties that were run down and turned them into attractive family homes. They are reinvigorating Villette Road – Hendon’s High Street – to ensure that local businesses benefit from higher footfall, creating jobs and opportunities for local people as well as a vibrant place for them to shop and spend.

Sharing the Wealth, Sharing the Power

Back on the Map empowers residents, and by giving them control, achieves the things that are important to them. Between 2012 and 2017 Back on the Map worked with residents to administer £145k of small grants to local voluntary and community groups on behalf of the #Fourteen Programme and the Community Development Fund. Local people were supported to come together as Resident Panels to decide local priorities and where the money would be best spent. This fund supported over 108 grassroots projects. Allowing Resident Panels to make key funding decisions meant the funds were spent in a way which better reflected the strengths, needs and aspirations of the community, were more effective and had a greater impact locally.

Local People, Local Action

Cleaner street has always been a priority for local residents and Back on the Map understand why it is so important for local people to have pride in the place they live. With funding from Sunderland City Council Back on the Map has enabled over 112 volunteers help with litter picks and cleaner community task days.

In total to date, over 260 clean ups have taken place, with 13,646kg or 15 tonnes of waste removed from local streets.

Our Strategic Objectives

Back on the Map work to make Hendon a place of opportunity to live, work and thrive, by creating;

Our Core Values

A little insight into what is important to us here at Back on the Map;