P has lived in Hendon for many years and has been a Back on the Map tenant for 5 years. He praised Back on the Map for being a good landlord and is very happy with the standard of his accommodation. He is able to visit the BotM Homes office whenever he needs to for Housing advice and support.

– Back on the Map Tennant

What is social lettings?

Back on the Map own properties throughout Hendon and take managing our own stock very seriously. Alongside the housing acquisitions, we have developed a Social Letting service for other private landlords in the area.

The Social Lettings service is driven by our social values and give us scope to grow our model, reverse decline on a much bigger scale and bring more local homes under community control. 

All properties are managed to our standard and the tenants benefit from having a locally based dedicated housing team providing support on their doorstep. Landlords would be provided with proactive tenant vetting, responsible tenant management and responsive repairs for their tenants at a competitive price.

do we offer?

Landlords – our offer

We offer a range of management services to Landlords in Hendon, Tenant Vet and Check Only, Tenant Find, Tenant Find and Sign-up and Full Management service. We are up front and honest about our prices and services and may be able to tailor them to your specific needs. We use our own experience and knowledge to look after your assets and manage tenants as we would our own stock. This is good for your assets, your rental income, your reputation and the community.

Tennants – our offer

All of our properties meet or exceed decent home standards and we take pride in our properties. We want our tenants to make our homes their long-standing family homes. 

You will also benefit from a local dedicated housing team. All we ask is that tenants do 3 important things:-

  1. Pay their rent
  2. Report repairs
  3. Don’t cause Anti-Social Behaviour

If these 3 core values are adhered to, we are more than happy to work cooperatively with our tenants to create a Strong Community within Hendon. We are responsive with our repairs and work with a variety of contractors who all understand Back on the Map’s vision.

Why choose us?

We care about Hendon and the community. We re-invest our profits back into the community providing a range of community services at Carnegie Community Centre. We are committed to making Hendon a Better Place, giving residents an Influencing Role and creating a Stronger Community. 

We are a member of both the UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA) and National Landlords Association (NLA). This means that we keep your money in our secure Client Money Protection account and are able to keep up to date with the latest legislation changes. 

It’s hassle free! We do all the management for you. We deal with all tenant queries and repairs, rent payments and we are able to offer a range of support services through our Community Services.

We use fully trained and reliable contractors to carry out repairs in our properties. You can be assured that your assets will be maintained to a professional standard.

We find the most suitable tenants for your property. We use the NLA Tenant Check service and our community knowledge to vet all tenants. We also help maintain tenancies through our many services offered. For example, we are able to provide universal credit and debt advice as well as social activities for tenants to make Hendon a Stonger Community. 

We work with other partner agencies such as Sunderland City Council, Oasis Community Housing, Centrepoint and Sunderland Housing Options.

Our Strategic Objectives

Back on the Map works in the heart of the community to empower the people of Hendon to build;

Our Core Values

A little insight into what is important to us here at Back on the Map;