Meet our charity trustees

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As part of National Trustee’s Week, we are introducing our very own trustees. Today, it’s the turn of our charity trustees.


Hazel Clark MBE
Resident Trustee and Finance & General Purposes Committee member

Hazel is a long-standing Hendon resident and well known community activist. She was involved in developing the bid that secured £54M government funding for the 10-year New Deal for Communities programme from 2001 to 2011, was elected to the NDC board by the community and was chairperson of the Housing & Environment Theme Teams for many years.  Hazel holds Regeneration and Community Development qualifications, was Chairperson of the Charity from 2011 to 2017 and is a member of the Holy Trinity Church (17Nineteen) Ambassadors Group.

Chris McCardle

Resident Trustee

Chris is Hendon-born and bred.  She was involved in some of the New Deal for Communities (NDC) Consultation Groups, was elected by the community as a NDC board member and Chaired the Education Theme Team in the latter years of the programme. Chris joined the BotM Charity Board  in June 2011.  She has a long-standing interest in housing, campaigned to improve local housing and is employed by CHIP (Co-op Housing In Partnership).

Laura Calvert

Resident Trustee

Laura is a qualified solicitor and local resident. Laura came to Back on the Map as a centre user, bringing her children to Storytime Tots. She joined the charity board on 22 March 2018. Laura practises as a regulatory solicitor and has training in commercial property, family and personal injury law and a background in criminal defence. She is passionate about the area and also sits as a governor at a local school.

Jim Pace

Non-resident Trustee

Jim was a teacher and manager in post-16 colleges and an education adviser in Local Authorities before taking early retirement. He became involved in Back on the Map via participation in Book Club and Singing for the Soul at the Carnegie Community Corner. Jim is an active volunteer in the Centre.  He joined the Charity Board in November 2018 and is also a member of the Finance & General Purposes Committee. Outside of his work with BotM, Jim produces a magazine for a national car club and is Chair of Trustees for North East Restoration Club based in Washington.

Eddy Moore

Resident Trustee

Eddy was born and bred in Hendon and still lives as an owner-occupier in the ‘Long Streets’. He joined the Original NDC BotM in 2004. Then joined this Board in April 2019. Eddy is a well known community activist who has campaigned tirelessly for improvements to the area; helping to tackle fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour as well as opposing absentee Private Landlords and  HMO’s. Eddy founded the Long Streets Action Group to strengthen the project of the Licensing Private Landlords scheme that was run by the Local Authority for 5 years. Eddy has been an active volunteer at the CCC since it was first secured by BotM/the community in 2014 and he also assists in the BOTM workshop project.

Kerri Bethell

Resident Trustee

Keri started as a volunteer in the Carnegie Community Corner, she was co-leader of the Sewing Group and Story Tots and provided reception cover when needed. She is a young mum who lives in Hendon, has put down roots here and is passionate about the community. She has a history of volunteering, worked in the Care Sector before having her daughter 6 years ago. She now works as a Specialist Benefits Advisor at Citizens Advice Bureau.  She is very enthusiastic about BotM and keen to be more involved in her community.

Pam Todd

Resident Trustee

Pam was a BotM Board member for 5 years during the NDC programme, Environment Theme Team Chair and has a background in community development. Pam has lived in Hendon for 35 + years, was a magistrate for 8 years, supports the Bangladeshi community and helps resolve neighbourhood issues/tensions. Pam has a BA Honors degree in Sociology and Psychology, certificates in Counselling and Local Youth Leaders. Pam was reappointed as a Botm Board member in June 2021.

Bina Begum

Resident Trustee

Bina has lived in the area since childhood. Bina is a full time carer to her son but also does freelance research work for various research organisations across the UK; mostly focused on BME impacts. In the past she has worked for the Bangladeshi Community Centre, Mental Health Matters, Age UK, Alzheimers Society and Sunderland Carers Centre. Bina is passionate about community cohesion, project development, community wellbeing and healthy living. Currently Bina is chairperson for BME Womens Khushi Group which has been in operation for 10 years supporting local BAME women with well-being, integration and empowering those who are socially disadvantaged.  She has a solid understanding of the area and community development and is our newest Board member joining us in November 2021.