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The Selective Licensing Scheme was up by Back on the Map in partnership with Sunderland City Council to improve living conditions for private sector tenants and the wider community in Hendon.

What is Selective Licensing?

Selective Licensing (SL) is a powerful tool used to tackle problems in the private rented sector.  The Scheme came into force on the 1st July 2010 and lasted for 5 years. It is a legal requirement that all landlords of privately rented properties in the designated area apply to the council for a licence to continue renting their properties. Selective Licensing gives the council the power to make landlords accountable for the management of their property and their tenants. 

Where is the Selective Licensing Area?

The designated area, known locally as ‘Middle Hendon and the Long Streets’, this area is bounded by Egerton Street, the former Amberley Street South, Ward Court, Suffolk Street (part), Mainsforth Terrace, Rosalie Terrace, Corporation Road, Spelter Works Road, Percy Terrace and Toward Road and further includes all properties in Noble Street, Ridley Terrace and Tower Street.

Landlords of properties in these areas were required to have a Licence for every property within the Selective Licensing area. The Licence required the landlord to be 'fit and proper' and have no criminal convictions. Landlords also had to demonstrate they have satisfactory management arrangements in place including adequate financial arrangements as well as having robust procedures for dealing with anti social behaviour and vetting procedures for prospective tenants.

The scheme has now come to an end but Mike Lanyi, senior Enviromental Health Officer runs a drop in at Carnegie Copmmunity Corner every Thursday afternoon from 1:30pm if you are experiencing any issues with your properties or are having problems with a private landlord.

Reporting Disrepair or Empty Properties.

All requests for services relating to housing (privately rented housing and empty properties) within the Selective Licensing Area and the wider Hendon Ward will need to be reported through the City Councils Customer Services Network on 0191 520 5551.

Reports of minor disrepair are dealt with by the Customer Service Network who will send a letter to the landlord (or property owner) and the  tenant. If there is still disrepair after 28 days the tenant or original complainant can come back to the Customer Service Network and the complaint will be investigated by the Neighbourhood Renewal Team. This will allow the Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal Team to focus its resource on the more serious housing disrepair and problematic empty properties.

The scheme is now led by Mike Lanyi - Senior Environmental Health Officer